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Best Awnings in Oklahoma City, OK

March 3, 2021, 12:13 p.m.

Awnings over a deck or patio add a comfortable outdoor “room” to a home or business and help lower energy costs. When choosing an awning, consider type, material, build quality and warranty. We researched the best awnings in Oklahoma City so you can start customizing designs and getting estimates.

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How we chose the best

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How to choose an awning in Oklahoma City


As Oklahoma City’s real estate market heats up, property owners are looking for ways to improve their homes and businesses in areas like Bricktown, the Paseo Arts District, Edmond, Norman, Nichols Hills and Moore.

Search for an awning in Oklahoma City that has these benefits:

  • Adds living space to your home or commercial space to your business
  • Provides shade and protection from the sun for your body, interior furnishings and flooring
  • Reduces utility costs by blocking solar heat gain, putting less stress on your air conditioner
  • Complements the style of your home or business with a custom design
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty

Read reviews of awning companies in Oklahoma City to find out which manufacturers and retailers have the most satisfied customers. Most awning companies offer free in-home consultations to look at a property and go over products and pricing. Here are some questions to ask during this meeting:

  • How long has the awning company been in business?
  • Is there a list of references?
  • What types of awnings are available?
  • Can you customize an awning’s size, material, color and pattern?
  • How will the awning hold up in Oklahoma City’s weather (e.g. thunderstorms, heat, high winds)
  • Does the awning company offer a guaranteed quote?
  • Are there financing options?
  • Can you install the awning on your own? Does the awning company offer professional installation?
  • What does the awning warranty cover? How long does it last?

Types of awnings

Awnings in Oklahoma City can go over decks, patios, windows and doors. A stationary, or fixed, awning stays in place and is built to withstand most weather. A retractable awning opens and closes, either manually or using a motor.

Awnings in Oklahoma City are made with metal, fabric or both materials. Metal awnings, usually made with aluminum, are strong and durable and more common as a stationary awning. Fabric awnings, made with vinyl, acrylic or canvas, are often UV-resistant, waterproof and customizable for design. Many retractable awnings are constructed with fabric.

Awning installation in Oklahoma City

Depending on the awning you purchase, you may be able to install it on your own. Some awning companies include professional installation in the price of the awning, while others will install the awning for an extra cost.

Awning installation in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas may require a permit. Check with the City of Oklahoma City or the appropriate authority. If you do get professional installation of an awning in Oklahoma City, make sure the installer is properly licensed, insured and bonded.



Over 500,000 people use SunSetter Awnings across the U.S. Manual and motorized awnings are available in two different fabrics and are easy to install and operate. Products come with a 90-day no-risk trial and a five-year limited warranty. Customers are highly satisfied with SunSetter Awnings’ pricing, installation and quality.

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