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Best Mattresses in Oklahoma City, OK

March 3, 2021, 12:13 p.m.

There are many types of mattresses available these days, and it has never been easier to find a quality mattress at an affordable price. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress gives you better rest and helps alleviate back pain. We researched the best mattress stores in Oklahoma City to find the right mattress for any type of sleeper.

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How we chose the best

ConsumerAffairs thoroughly researched consumer reviews and company information.

26 Hours researched
101 Reviews analyzed
16 Companies evaluated
10 Companies selected
Saatva Mattress

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Saatva Mattress
Saatva Mattress
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils
  • Lumbar support enhancement
  • Memory foam layer
  • Available in Oklahoma City
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Luma Sleep
Luma Sleep
  • 3 comfort choices: plush, medium, firm
  • 100 night in-home trial
  • Latex mattresses
  • Available in Oklahoma City
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Select Comfort - Sleep Number
Select Comfort - Sleep Number
  • Dual comfort adjustability on both sides
  • SleepIQ® technology tracks how you sleep
  • Kids beds, RV mattresses
  • FlexFit™ adjustable base
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2404 W. Memorial Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
(405) 594-4303

How to choose a mattress in Oklahoma City


Back pain is a common issue in Oklahoma, and many Oklahoma City residents look for ways to alleviate the problem — or at least keep it from growing worse. If your mattress is sagging and not providing proper support, replacing it with one that’s right for you helps prevent back and joint aches.

It’s crucial to consider firmness when looking for the right mattress for your sleep style. Mattress stores generally classify mattresses as soft, medium-firm and firm, and each one has benefits and disadvantages.

  • Soft mattresses are generally the most comfortable and provide full body support for side sleepers by cushioning their pressure points and contouring to their entire body.
  • Medium-firm mattresses are the most popular mattresses and often recommended for people with lower back pain. These mattresses also offer a midpoint between firmness levels that is ideal for people who sleep in multiple positions.
  • Firm mattresses are the most supportive and ideal for keeping stomach sleepers’ spines aligned. These mattresses are also good for heavier people who find they sink too far into soft or medium-firm mattresses.

In addition to firmness, consider the type of mattress you prefer. Multiple styles of mattresses are available, and having an idea which you prefer helps narrow your search.

Mattress types in Oklahoma City

Mattress type Description Pros Cons
Innerspring/coil Uses steel coils for support Cost-effective Wears out faster than other styles
Memory foam Foam layer contours to your body and lets you sink in Higher comfort level May be too soft for some people
Latex Similar to a memory foam mattress but made with latex All-natural materials with more bounce than memory foam Does not provide as much cushioning as memory foam
Hybrid Combines coil-based foundation with memory foam or latex layers Conforms to your body; has the support coil mattresses More expensive than other styles of mattress

Bed in a box vs. in-store mattresses

Recently, there has been a rise in online mattress companies that sell directly to Oklahoma City residents and ship the mattress to their homes. These bed-in-a-box companies compress, vacuum-seal and pack the mattress into a smaller container. The mattress expands over several hours after being unboxed.

Pros and cons of a bed-in-a-box

Pros Cons
  • Cost: Online mattress companies usually have reduced operational costs, which allows them to sell mattresses for lower prices.
  • Convenience: Shopping with online mattress retailers lets you compare mattresses from home at any time and avoid crowded brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Trial periods: It can take 30 days or more to become accustomed to a mattress, and many online mattress stores offer trial periods with free returns.
  • Lack of selection: Online mattress companies usually have a limited selection of styles and only sell their own brand.
  • Inability to test mattress: Unlike a traditional mattress store, you don’t have an opportunity to test the mattress until it has already arrived.
  • No setup or mattress removal: Online mattress companies ship the mattress directly to you, and few offer mattress setup or disposal.

While purchasing a mattress online is convenient and can be less expensive, the features of a physical store appeal to shoppers in Oklahoma City who prefer a more traditional experience.

What is the average mattress price in Oklahoma City?

The average cost for a queen-size mattress is $1,000, and you can expect to pay a minimum of $600 for a quality mattress. The type of mattress and brand you choose affects the price. There are other factors to consider that can drive up the cost, including:

  • Mattress size
  • Delivery and set up charges
  • Shipping
  • Box springs

Mattress disposal in Oklahoma City

Some companies provide free mattress disposal when delivering your new mattress. If the company you bought your mattress from doesn’t, or if you purchased a mattress-in-a-box, the Oklahoma City Utilities Department picks up mattresses curbside for no charge on your monthly bulk trash day.

How to buy a mattress in Oklahoma City

With a little research, you’ll find the best mattress in Oklahoma City in no time. First, decide if you want to visit stores in the area or take advantage of the convenience of an online mattress company. Many online stores have return policies if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

When making your final decision, consider these factors:

  • Mattress reviews: No mattress is perfect for everyone, but customer reviews can indicate if a mattress retains its support over time or lives up to its advertised level of firmness.
  • Store and retailer reviews: Check to see what experiences other customers have had with the company, and avoid any business that has a reputation for not honoring its warranty or having poor customer service.
  • Warranties: Be sure to find a company that stands behind its product. Most companies offer warranties of at least 10 years.
  • Return policies: It’s difficult to gauge how well you sleep on a mattress in just a few nights. See what the return policy is and whether you’re responsible for shipping charges if you’re not satisfied with the mattress.

The most important thing to remember is not to let the number of options overwhelm you. Take your time, do the proper research and ask a few questions to find the perfect mattress for you.

Saatva Mattress


Saatva Mattress sells a hybrid innerspring mattress that comes with a 120-night trial. The mattress comes in plush soft, luxury firm (medium-firm) and firm options and is engineered for back health. Saatva Mattress offers free delivery and mattress removal. Oklahoma City Customers praise the mattress and the company’s excellent purchase experience.

Luma Sleep

Luma Sleep

Luma Sleep offers a coil/latex mattress and hybrid mattresses. The company’s products come with a 100-night trial and free shipping. The mattresses are designed for balanced pressure, temperature moderation, spinal support and limited motion. Oklahoma City customers say Luma Sleep’s delivery service is seamless and easy.

Select Comfort - Sleep Number

Select Comfort - Sleep Number

Sleep Number mattresses are known for being adjustable on both sides of the bed. Most of the company’s mattresses connect to a smartphone app and can track how well you’re sleeping. The company offers a variety of styles to fit multiple budgets. Oklahoma City customers appreciate the company’s innovative design.



Purple is an online bed-in-a-box mattress retailer that sells a mattress designed to adapt to any sleeping position. The company offers two mattress options: One that is medium-firm and one that can be soft, medium or firm. Oklahoma City customers say Purple’s mattresses provide excellent support and are a great value.



Casper is an online mattress retailer that offers three styles of mattress, including memory foam and hybrid mattresses. The company offers a 100-night trial and free shipping and returns. The company also sells an adjustable base that allows you to adjust the mattress’s position. Reviews from Oklahoma City recommend Casper for its quality, support and high comfort level.



Nectar is a memory foam mattress-in-a-box that offers a 365-night trial period. It also has a forever warranty and free shipping and returns. The mattress has gel foam and a cooling cover, which makes it more breathable. Oklahoma City customers rate Nectar highly for comfort and say they enjoy sleeping on their new mattress.

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