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Best Mortgage Lenders in Oklahoma City, OK

Updated 12/12/2018

Buying or refinancing a home can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. We researched the best mortgage lenders in Oklahoma City to help you find a mortgage loan. See how our national top pick stacks up against local mortgage lenders in the OKC metro area.

(866) 815-0655
  • Available in OKC
  • Get personalized rates online
  • Free mortgage rate email alerts
  • Browse variety of home-purchase calculators
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American Equity Mortgage American Equity Mortgage Features
  • National with local offices
  • Local OKC originators
  • Online, first time home buyer tips
  • Loan types available: Fixed-rate, FHA, VA, USDA, ARM, Jumbo
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4045 NW. 64th St, Suite 250
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 395-2284
Executive Lending Group Executive Lending Group Features
  • Based in OKC
  • Register to get a daily rate-lock advisory alert
  • Find tips on how to eliminate PMI
  • Loan types available: Fixed-rate, ARM, VA, FHA, Reverse
Contact info
4334 NW. Expressway, Suite 297
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 896-2780
First Mortgage Company First Mortgage Company Features
  • National with local offices
  • Seven OKC branches
  • Free Total Cost Analysis for each loan type
  • Loan types available: Construction FHA, VA, Native American loans
Contact info
4509 Memorial Cir
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
(405) 400-0644
RedRock Mortgage RedRock Mortgage Features
  • Regional with local offices
  • Choose your specific loan officer
  • Offers Section 184 Native American loans
  • Loan types available: FHA, Conventional, USDA, Native American loans
Contact info
4101 Perimeter Center Dr, Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73113
(405) 848-3600
Oklahoma Cornerstone Home Lending Oklahoma Cornerstone Home Lending Features
  • Regional with local offices
  • Online FAQs about the loan process
  • Licensed to lend in 40 states
  • Loan types available: FHA, ARM, VA, Construction
Contact info
4801 Gaillardia Parkway, Suite 325
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
(405) 835-2612
Bank of Oklahoma Bank of Oklahoma Features
  • Regional with local offices
  • Connect with a mortgage banker online
  • Over eight mortgage locations in the OKC area
  • Loan types available: FHA, Jumbo, VA, Native American, USDA
Contact info
5015 N Pennsylvania Ave #100
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 835-6222
First American Mortgage, Inc. First American Mortgage, Inc. Features
  • Based in Yukon
  • Choose from 10 loan officers online
  • In-house processing means quick closings
  • Loan types available: FHA, VA, Conventional, Native American, Rural Development, Construction
Contact info
1501 S. Ranchwood Blvd
Yukon, OK 73099
(405) 703-5312

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Getting a mortgage loan in OKC

There are plenty of mortgage lending options when it comes to buying a house in Oklahoma City. We checked into home prices, school systems and crime rates in multiple neighborhoods to give you some insight into the Oklahoma City real estate market before you begin researching mortgage companies in Oklahoma City.

OKC Night Skyline

Using market trends to find the right mortgage lender in Oklahoma City

Arial View of Houses

The Oklahoma City real estate market is fairly stable when compared with other states. About nine percent of homes in the city owe less than their house is worth–the national average is just over 10 percent. Oklahoma City’s housing market stability, coupled with lower home prices, make it a great city to get a mortgage and invest in a home. There are plenty of mortgage companies in OKC to help you get the process started.

The median home price in Oklahoma City is close to $143,000 with just over 40 percent of home prices falling in the range of $113,000 to $226,000. Just over 2 percent of homes are over half a million dollars while a little more than 12 percent of homes fall below $56,000. These home prices mean most houses in the city will be eligible for an FHA loan, which is ideal for borrowers who want a lower down payment.

The Oklahoma City housing market has cooled off a bit since a spike at the end of 2016. Home prices have increased just over one percent in the past year and are expected to rise nearly three percent in 2018. The overall trend for Oklahoma City home prices is fairly strong, showing a steady increase over the past eight years, with the exception of a dip at the end of 2016.

Best neighborhoods in Oklahoma City to invest in a home mortgage

Front Door of House

If you’re looking at buying a home in Oklahoma City, make sure you work with your realtor and mortgage lender to find good mortgage rates in these popular and up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Once you find the perfect home, your mortgage company can work with you to lock in the lowest home loan rate possible and make sure you’re investing in the best type of mortgage for your circumstances.

  • Nichols Hills: Nichols Hills is northwest of the I-44 and I-235 merger. While it’s the safest area in the Oklahoma City area, it’s also the most expensive. The median home price in Nichols Hills of $503,000 reflects the area’s low crime rate and higher-end amenities. This area is a great place to live if you like eating out and shopping. There are plenty of options available nearby. If you’re shopping for a Nichols Hills home, you may want to consider applying for a mortgage with AmeriSave, because they offer non-conforming loans, which are allowed to be larger than some federally-backed mortgages.

    School districts nearby include the highly-rated Bethany, Oakdale and Deer Creek districts, as well as the average-rated Putnam City school district.

  • Warwick Estates: This area is northwest of Lake Hefner, south of NW 122nd Street, north of Kingsbridge Drive and east of MacArthur Boulevard. The median home price is around $285,000. Residents in this area enjoy a lower-than-average crime rate and a variety of outdoor activities thanks to its close proximity to Lake Hefner. Bluff Creek Park is also nearby, which has a multi-use trail for hikers and mountain bikers.

    Kids in this neighborhood will attend Putnam City North High School, which is one of the top-rated high schools in the Oklahoma City area.

  • Crown Heights: The Crown Heights area is located just northwest of NE 36th street and I-235. It’s made up of mostly historic homes. These homes don’t come up for sale too often, making it a sellers market. Very few homes are listed under $200,000, with most hovering around $500,000. Homes may sell quickly, so use a mortgage lender that gives you a dedicated mortgage banker to speed the process along.

    Crown Heights is a tight-knit, social community that works with the homeowners association to make sure the area stays beautiful and property values remain intact. Crime rates are about average, with most crime being non-violent.

  • Linwood: Located just west of downtown Oklahoma City, east of I-44 at NW 19th Street, Linwood is an area made up of restored historic homes with a median price range of around $205,000 to $230,000. Homeowners in this area are a bit younger, with a median age of 34. The median household income is $62,000. Many people in this age group and income bracket prefer mortgages with a lower down payment.

    Linwood Elementary is considered the best school in the area, and the Linwood area boasts short commute times, walkable streets and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and parks.

  • Mayfair Heights: Mayfair Heights is northwest of downtown Oklahoma City, north of I-44 between NW 42nd Street and NW 50th Street. It has a median home price of $164,000, which has leveled off and remained fairly steady over the last year. Residents love the neighborhood for its mid-century homes, old trees, new sidewalks and closeness to food, parks and shops.

  • Gatewood: Gatewood is an area northwest of downtown Oklahoma City bordered by N Classen Boulevard, NW 23rd Street, NW 16th Street and N Pennsylvania Avenue. Residents consider it to be funky, friendly and community oriented. Gatewood is made up of restored early to mid-1900s bungalow-style homes with a median price of around $200,000.

    Gatewood is located close to two well-ranked schools – Classen High School of Advanced Studies and Classen Middle School of Advanced Studies.


AmeriSave (866) 815-0655

NMLS: #1168

Loan types available: Fixed-rate, FHA, VA, ARM, USDA, HARP, non-conforming

Whether you’re buying a new home in Oklahoma City or refinancing an old mortgage, AmeriSave has a variety of mortgage loan options. The company boasts an easy-to-use platform, which makes it possible to apply for and request a rate-lock in minutes. Choose from multiple mortgage loan types including federally insured loans, fixed-rate mortgages and non-conforming mortgages.


American Equity Mortgage

American Equity Mortgage

NMLS: #1071

American Equity Mortgage offers a variety of mortgage loan programs, including home-purchase loans, mortgage refinancing and debt consolidation home loans. Its loan originators live and work in Oklahoma City and have specialized knowledge and understanding of the residents’ needs. Online reviewers love the originator’s work ethic and dedication through the entire mortgage loan process.

Executive Lending Group

Executive Lending Group

NMLS: #303703

Executive Lending Group offers FHA loans, VA loans and reverse mortgage loans, as well as multiple refinancing options in Oklahoma City. Get pre-approval, a refinance quote and a new mortgage loan quote from the convenience of your mobile device or computer. Online reviewers give Executive Lending Group five stars and praise its personalized service.

First Mortgage Company

First Mortgage Company

NMLS: #1393714

First Mortgage Company of Oklahoma City offers eight home loan programs, including FHA loans, VA loans, Construction loans and mortgage loans for first-time home buyers. You’ll be working with local employees during the entire process, from origination to closing.

RedRock Mortgage

RedRock Mortgage

NMLS: #150009

RedRock Mortgage offers mortgage refinance options and seven purchase loans including conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans and reverse mortgages. They don’t outsource any part of the loan process, allowing for a smooth experience from origination to closing.

Oklahoma Cornerstone Home Lending

Oklahoma Cornerstone Home Lending

NMLS: #189903

Cornerstone Home Lending in Oklahoma City meets with you face-to-face to determine your finance needs and goals. During your meeting you’ll discuss multiple mortgage loan products and get prequalified for a home loan. Cornerstone also offers a variety of refinancing options and will walk you through refinancing your home step-by-step.

Bank of Oklahoma

Bank of Oklahoma

NMLS: $Not available

Bank of Oklahoma has multiple mortgage locations across Oklahoma City that offer a variety of home loan options like Conventional home loans, FHA loans, VA loans and USDA loans. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or wanting to refinance your current home loan, you can connect with a mortgage banker online.

First American Mortgage, Inc.

First American Mortgage, Inc.

NMLS: #208913

First American Mortgage, Inc. of Oklahoma City prides itself on developing strong relationships with each client to better understand individual circumstances. Your entire mortgage loan process is handled in-house by your choice of one of ten loan officers. You can browse their profiles and reach out to them through their website.

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