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Best Plumbers in Oklahoma City, OK

March 3, 2021, 12:13 p.m.

Plumbing problems are inconvenient and oftentimes, downright disgusting. Thankfully, there are plenty of plumbing professionals in Oklahoma City who are ready to tackle your plumbing emergencies. Finding a licensed plumber who does quality work at a fair price isn’t easy. We researched the best plumbers in Oklahoma City to help you get your pipes fixed quickly.

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Finding a plumber in Oklahoma City

OKC Skyline

Plumbing issues occur everywhere, but Oklahoma City's old, historic homes and neighborhoods are even more sensitive than most. And with home renovation happening in neighborhoods like Heritage Hills, Lincoln Terrace and Crown Heights, plumbers in Oklahoma City are needed for non-emergency projects, too.

Common plumbing services in Oklahoma City include:

  • Faucet drips or leaks
  • Sewage line backups
  • Toilet replacement or repair
  • Water heater replacement
  • Burst pipes
  • Remodels
  • Swimming pool installations

Whatever need you have, you'll want a plumber that's up to the job. Before scheduling a “demo day” on your kitchen or bathroom, make sure your plumber is licensed and has the proper permitting. The City of Oklahoma City requires that plumbing work only be done by a licensed and registered contractor. Keep this in mind if you plan do the plumbing work yourself. Without a proper permit, you could be fined by the City.

When choosing a plumber in Oklahoma City, there are a few things to consider. First, verify that your plumber is licensed. An unlicensed plumber could leave you with expensive damages. After finding a licensed plumber in Oklahoma City, consider a few more criteria:

  • Is the plumber billing hourly or flat rate?
  • What is included in the cost (travel time to home, surcharges, day of the week)?
  • When is payment due (before or after the completed project)?
  • Is there a guarantee or warranty for the work?
  • Will a plumber be sent to check the problem before providing an estimate?

For any plumbing job, expect to pay a few hundred dollars. The average cost of plumbing repair is $175 to $450, with most of that cost being labor. Keep in mind that, especially in emergency situations, fast repair is best. Prolonged issues can cause many more expenses as they worsen, causing damage to floors, ceilings and foundations.



Roto-Rooter is a national company with two local offices in Oklahoma City. They are available 24/7 for emergent plumbing issues. They offer commercial and residential services, water damage restoration and online service scheduling. Customers in Oklahoma City say they are impressed with the fast service and upfront pricing.

Stone Creek Plumbing Service

Stone Creek Plumbing Service

Stone Creek Plumbing Service offers flat-rate, fixed pricing and free estimates. If a customer already has the part or fixture needed, the plumber will install it for a flat fee. Stone Creek has a 50-mile service area around Oklahoma City for residential and commercial services. OKC customers are happy with the professionalism of the plumbers.

Airco Service

Airco Service

Airco Service works on plumbing issues and remodels for your home or business. They offer free quotes and 0% interest financing for qualified customers. Since they’re available 24/7, customers can schedule a plumber online or by phone or text. Customers in Oklahoma City say Airco has reasonable pricing and prompt and friendly service.

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